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What's covered

You'll have access to the services that are necessary to repair the following items.

Central Heating & Air Conditioning

  • All parts of centralized systems as well as:
    • Any air conditioners that are permanently installed in your home and not portable (excluding window-installed/ portable units);
    • All floor, ceiling, or window heating units, including gas or electric fireplace inserts (excluding chimneys/ flues), and electric baseboard heaters andspace heaters when affixed to walls.
  • Heat pumps located within or outside your home: evaporative coolers, compressors; control systems; heat recovery ventilation units, energy recovery ventilation units, oil storage tanks located within your home.
  • All exposed or accessible duct work pertaining to a central heating and/or a central air conditioning system.

Electrical System

All electrical switches, electrical receptacles, electrical circuits (including repair of electrical short circuits), in or on a building on Your premises; internal circuit breaker panels, breakers and fuse boxes.

Water Heater

For hot water heaters that you own, all gas control valves; thermostats; heating elements; burner and pilot assemblies; burner blower motors and blower wheels; fuel units; static discs; air tubes; nozzles and nozzle lines; line filters and strainers; impellers; ignition wires; electrodes; terminals and transformers; pressure and temperature relief valves; thermo-couplers; drain cocks; fuel pipe and fittings; and water heater tank.


Any blockage, leak or breakage of water, gas, drain, vent or waste piping and fittings, excluding perimeter drains, lead drain lines/pipes and/or any polybutylene piping, often referred to as "POLY" pipe including Kitec plumbing or anything similar. Limits may apply if the source of the problem is outside your home (e.g. a cracked sewer main).

We Won't Leave You in a Mess

If we have to break through a wall, ceiling or floor to repair your central heating/air conditioning or electrical system, we'll put things back the way we found them, exclusive of d├ęcor. This means, for example, that we will repair the wall but not re-paint it. We leave the re-decorating decisions to you, since it might not be possible to match your current pattern or colour. Maximum value of these repair services: $500

"Thanks very much; we really appreciate your efforts and your excellent customer service."

Toronto, Ontario

"Leaking air conditioner in basement - knew it would be too expensive to fix so called and it was taken care of right away. Very pleased you used a very credible local company."

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