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Frequently Asked Questions

The program takes care of making repairs when the following systems have unexpected break-downs.

1. Central Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
  • All parts of centralized systems as well as:
  • Any air conditioners that are permanently installed for Your House, but this excludes portable units such as window-installed units;
  • All floor, ceiling, or window heating units, including gas or electric fireplace inserts (excluding chimneys/ flues), and electric baseboard heaters and space heaters when affixed to walls;
  • Heat pumps located within or outside Your House: evaporative coolers, compressors; control systems; heat recovery ventilation units, energy recovery ventilation units, oil storage tanks located within Your House.
  • All exposed or accessible duct work pertaining to a central heating and/or a central air conditioning system.
  • For a condominium unit We cover all parts of the fan coil unit(s) permanently installed and located within the Condominium which provide and/or receive airflow or water flow through a central system for heating/cooling purposes and/or that are stand alone electric built-in units. This excludes portable units such as window-installed units.
2. Electrical System
  • We cover all electrical switches, electrical receptacles, electrical circuits (including repair of electrical short circuits), internal circuit breaker panels, breakers and fuse boxes, and for Your house We include coverage in or on a building on Your premises

3. Water Heater and Water Softener
  • All gas control valves, bypass valves, control valves, air check valves; thermostats; heating elements; burner and pilot assemblies; burner blower motors and blower wheels; pumps; injection and piston assembly; fuel units; static discs; air tubes; nozzles and nozzle lines; line filters and strainers; impellers; ignition wires; electrodes; terminals and transformers; pressure and temperature relief valves; thermo couplers; resin and brine tanks; drain cocks; fuel pipe and fittings; and water heater tank. Rented units are not covered, as the company you rent from will take care of any necessary repairs or replacement.
4. Core Plumbing System
  • We cover any internal blockage, leak or breakage of water, gas, drain, vent or waste piping and fittings.

Important Notes: Core Plumbing does not cover any services required outside of your House, except for the following: [i] Program Services for septic drain field piping that is not behind or encased in concrete, up to a limit of $500 and [ii] Program Services for a cracked sewer main up to a limit of $2,500. For a house and condo unit, Core Plumbing excludes sump and well pumps, lead drain lines/pipes and/or any polybutylene piping, often referred to as “POLY” pipe including Kitec plumbing or similar and services required to eradicate clogged sink drains and leaks from taps, faucets, shower or tub controls, toilets or toilet component parts.

5. Ancillary Repairs, related to Electrical System or Central Heating/Air Repairs
  • If, as a result of performing Program Services described in subsection 1 or 2 above, the Repair Services Technician must break through any wall, floor or ceiling, the Service Coordinator will arrange for additional Program Services, valued up to $500, to restore the affected wall, floor or ceiling to a rough finish. Decorating services (e.g. in respect of paint, wallpaper, trim, etc.) are not included in the Program.

These are not covered. Only the systems driving the key functions inside your home are covered (heating, central air, electrical, plumbing).

Single-family homes, townhouses and condo units are all eligible for coverage, as long as no more than 50% of the dwelling’s square footage is used for business purposes. If you live in a condo, please be aware that we do not cover any common elements or home system repairs for which the condominium corporation is responsible.

No. Appliance warranties are readily available at virtually any major retailer at time of purchase.

No, through our special arrangement with your mortgage lender, no inspection is required

Our program has no age limits or restrictions. For example, some older furnaces that have been well-maintained throughout their life function very well. However, there are some other limitations to be aware of if you have older equipment in your home.

  • In the event that your home system in unrepairable, or cannot be repaired because the necessary part(s) are either no longer manufactured or no longer available, full system replacement is not covered.
  • Break-downs that are caused by rust, corrosion, or a lack of maintenance are not covered.

The program doesn't cover problems that were caused by:

  • Any causes or occurrences that are external to your house except for those that are specifically included;
  • Natural events (such as weather, earthquake, tree roots), electrical events, or events caused by a person;
  • Improper construction methods or construction materials or by structural defects or any other structural problems;
  • Other than the normal use of a Home System including uses that are contrary to those uses stated by the manufacturer and/or failure to provide proper maintenance, as specified by the manufacturer;
  • The inadequacy or lack of capacity of any Home System or component or part thereof, or improper installation of equipment, or design deficiencies;
  • Alteration, modification, addition to or deletion from any Home System or a component or part thereof;
  • Any violations of building codes, by-laws or other laws including any upgrade work or service required to meet building code or to conform to by-laws or other laws;
  • Any dishonest act;
  • Freezing or heating of a plumbing system;
  • rust or corrosion; and
  • latent defects and/or asbestos, lead or the disposal of refrigerants or contaminants or other hazardous materials or an unsafe condition.

We also don’t cover any consequential loss or damage, or anything else that is already covered by your home-owner’s insurance policy. If you live in a condo, we don’t cover loss or damage to or from other condo units or common areas, or any other loss or damage that is the responsibility of your condominium corporation.

We know that breakdowns can happen at the worst possible time. So, call anytime, day or night - 1-866-217-5993. Arrangements will be made for a qualified service technician to come to your home and assess the problem. If your breakdown is covered, all you do is pay the $50 consultation fee to the technician, and we take care of the rest.

The maximum value of Program Services that will be provided in any 12-month period is $10,000.

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If you are a resident of Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC and require advice about your insurance policy, call the toll-free number above and follow the prompts to connect to a licensed individual.

We actively manage our service provider network and anyone who fails to meet our high standards of service is promptly removed.

We have been in the home warranty business, serving homeowners across Canada, for over 15 years. The obligations of the Encompass Home System Warranty Program are fully backed by federally-licensed insurance company, Aviva Insurance Company of Canada. We always welcome any feedback you may have, and we appreciate the time you take to share your story with us.

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